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Quality of the posters in

Render-49Hi, it is me, Cybernina. Some people ask me why the posters coming from xxphoto are so high in picture quality. I really like to take this opportunity to talk about this topic here.

Thanks to the modern advance technology of digital photography, the quality of digital photo now is really great. Pixel dimension is much increased and noise compression is well enhanced.  In order to produce a life size poster, let say a 28 x 40 inch size,  a picture file with at least 2800 pixels x 4000 pixels is needed. This is a 11 million effective pixels requirment. 10 years ago no any digital camera could do this. Even 5 years before not many digital camera but only those very expensive professional single lens reflex digital camera could do. But nowaday, a very simple handy compact digital camera equip with this resolution or even higher.

What I want to express here is, 10 years ago, it was quite impossible to find a digital photo file with 11 million effective pixels to custom-make a 28 x 40 inch sexy girl poster in very little money. The old method by that time was using a large format film camera, 120 or even 4 x 5 inch field camera, shot a picture, film processing, color seperation, and then making printing plate and printed it out with a very large offset printing machine. But now, the photos available in are amazingly superb, some photo even have an astonish 39 million effective pixels which can produce a 40 x 80 inch giant print out  easily.

My only mission here is really simple – to promote my boss’s site:

Render -33But what should I promote in fact?

I think I had better promote the HOME page first.  Over there you can get the information of Best Seller of Life Size Poster series and Erotic Poster series.

#3-LIA 36×68″ has already been the best selling poster since the starting of xxphoto site. 68 inch height equal to a real person standing height. Hanging this attractive poster with a life size model Lia is really an enjoyable experience.

You can also find information of Delivery Schedule, Packing method, shipping method and return policy in HOME page. Please take you time to surf arround and I guarantee you have great result.